« For a new world, go, make him grow »

In order to build this new world we want to make people grow, help them stand tall in the spirit of the Congregation of Our Lady. We are educators, and this must be visible in what we do (our schools, etc).

Since education touches on all dimensions of being human, we, at the Saint Anne Community in KINKONDJA, Congo, have found another way to educate and guide our young women through sport, specifically football.
Our team bears the name of Our Lady and was officially established on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016.

This football team has helped us understand how much our young girls and women needed sport, but also that it is a means of educating young people.
Its motto: “We will go to the ends of the earth; Our Lady will never die.”
To achieve this objective, to go to the ends of the earth, our main concerns are:
- to promote young girls
- to combat child marriage
- to speak of the importance and value of women and especially of young girls, tomorrow’s leaders
- to encourage and support young people in their studies.
For this reason we organise debates and talks on subjects relevant to their age and life. At the moment we have in our team 52 girls aged between 12 and 19. Marie-France BONDO